Beware the Autocorrect, Meetings Edition

If you, like 99 percent of the rest of humanity that owns a cellphone or computer, have found what you thought you were typing morph into something completely different by autocorrect, well, you're in good company! But what's just embarrassing in a text to your friend is downright awful when it shows up in your meeting materials.

I recently read an interesting article in Wired on the history of autocorrect, which is well worth checking out. But what was better was reading this letter to the editor about that article from someone with the screen name of Pongo:

"We had a scientific conference for a disorder called 'primary cillary dyskinesia' a few years back. The materials all said 'primary celery dyskinesia.' It is truly heartbreaking when your celery can't move."

Yes, I can imagine it would be. But thanks, Pongo, for one more reminder to proofread, proofread, proofread everything before releasing it to the public—especially meeting-related materials.

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