Best response yet to the AIG incentive furor

Check out this post from the LB Network about the AIG incentive that was recently in the news. It is the best response I've seen to the whole mess so far. I love this part about what to do after the event is canceled, assuming they would still have to pay for the rooms:

    With the now potentially vacant rooms at the splendid resort, put a call into the near by Marine and Naval bases and invite soldiers and their wives and families to enjoy the rooms for the weekend with the compliments of American General and as a thank you for their service to our country. You could have had a PR bonanza and been seen as a serious corporate citizen who appreciates what the US taxpayers have done to preserve your company and jobs, instead of creating this perception of a bunch of Marie Antoinette's or Nero's partying in the pinnacle of luxury while all around them people are losing jobs, homes and massive equity in their savings and retirement accounts.

Is that not inspired?

And for more interesting discussion on the topic, check out the latest offering from Meetings Podcast.

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