Bellande to step down as Alliance executive director

According to a letter sent to Alliance for CME members, Bruce J. Bellande, PhD, Executive Director of the Alliance, is leaving his position at the conclusion of the 2007 Annual Conference in Phoenix. Harry A. Gallis, MD, President, Alliance for CME, shared this excerpt from the letter the Board received from Bellande last week:

    As I approach the cusp of my tenth year as Alliance Executive Director, I can proudly report that the state of the Alliance is stronger today than at any time in its 33 year history. Membership is at a record high with over 2,200 members. Alliance reserves exceed $700,000 and attendance at the annual conference has grown consistently, with over 1,600 participants this year. When I began, I was the only full-time employee; today we have a staff of 9.5 FTEs. We anticipate many new and innovative programs, products and services. Clearly, the Alliance is committed to learning opportunities and resources meeting the professional development needs of CME professionals.

Gallis continued:

    As most of you know, Bruce was our first full time Executive following the tenure of Frances Maitland in Chicago. The organization has grown and matured greatly under Bruce's stewardship. Clearly, the world of CME recognizes Bruce's leadership in the Alliance as well as the CME profession. He has played an outstanding role in representing our organization in numerous national and international forums and in instances where major policies are debated.

    The Alliance Board is in the midst of a strategic planning process which should be culminating in our annual retreat next week. We will also begin discussions concerning the future of the Alliance and its executive leadership during that retreat. In the meantime, we do not anticipate any significant changes in our staffing and organizational structure.

    Please join me and the board in congratulating Bruce on all of his accomplishments with us and relaying best wishes for the new directions in his career.

I haven't spoken with anyone at the Alliance yet, so I'm not sure why he's leaving now, what he plans to do next, and what criteria the organization is looking for in a new exec director, all that. I'm sure we'll be following up for the next issue of Medical Meetings, though, and I'll keep you posted on what I hear. In the meantime, thanks for all your hard work, Dr. Bellande, and my best wishes for your future endeavors.

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