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Bain buys Pri-Med

Bain Capital LLC, a private equity and venture capital group, earlier in August bought a controlling interest in the parent company of Pri-Med for a reported amount of $400 million.

Pri-Med, whose partnership with Harvard Medical School has resulted in high-level content for its meetings, has been growing like a weed lately. Its trade shows have made Tradeshow Week s Fastest Growing 50 list for the past two years; it s been pumping out Pri-Med Insight surveys on physician behavior and learning at a brisk pace; it started up a new Latin American division to bring its educational series south of the border last year; and it recently started a series of programs for pharmacists. In fact, its gone from 37 CME conferences just two years ago to producing 89 this year in 45 cities.

What this means for Pri-Med is unclear at this point, other than the fact that I m sure they were not thrilled to hear their business described in this article as "a company that arranges conferences to help members of the pharmaceutical industry meet with doctors." See It s both what you say and how you say it, below, for more on this industry s perception problems.

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