Australia reconsidering its doc dining rules

Such a small wording change—from "simple and modest" to "not extravagant"&38212;but one that may soon be made in the Australian's pharmaceutical industry's organization, Medicines Australia, code of ethics when it comes to wining and dining docs at meetings. From The Australian

    Doctors sick of eating party pies and sandwiches at drug-company-funded educational meetings are sensing victory in their quest to relax a ban on lavish spreads at top eateries.

    A confidential final draft of the latest version of the pharmaceutical industry's code of conduct proposes ditching the rule that all food offered at events must be simple and modest. A reference to seafood platters as an example of extravagant food has also been removed.

    Doctors say the rule -- introduced three years ago after a public outcry over physicians being taken on luxury cruises and into top restaurants -- has cut the number of GPs and specialists attending after-work education sessions.

    The new code, which has been drawn up by the drug companies' peak body, Medicines Australia, will go to a vote of MA members in the next few weeks.

No such signs that PhRMA is planning to follow suit in the U.S., at least not that I can see.

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