ASAE's Summit on Global Responsibility

I haven't been able to attend ASAE's Summit on Global Responsibility, which started yesterday, but I hope to sit in on some of it virtually today (in addition to the on-site gathering at the new Gaylord, there also are a number of satellite sites (none near me, alas) and you also can hook into the meeting online. Industry consultant Joan Eisenstodt is at the live meeting, and from this post, it sounds like an amazing experience so far.

Of course, ASAE and The Center's Acronym blog is posting about it, and Jeff De Cagna has some interesting thoughts on the first day as well.

If anyone else is attending--live, remotely, or virtually--I'd love to get your perspective on both the content of what's going on, and how the format of the meeting helps (or doesn't help) participants to reach their goals for the gathering. So drop me an e-mail or leave a comment below. I'm curious to see if this is really as big a deal as I think it is--or could be.

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