ASAE: Interesting times in San Diego

I'm here in beautiful San Diego for the ASAE and the Center's annual conference, and so far things are, well, interesting. The biggest thing for me so far happened after I arrived last night at the lovely Courtyard by Marriott in the downtown area. It really is a lovely hotel, located in the former San Diego Trust and Savings Bank. Unfortunately, the guy who arrived just before me got the last room at the inn and they had to walk me.

To La Jolla, which is I gather some 15-20 miles from where I wanted to be. They were so apologetic and nice, and bought me a nice glass of wine and an appetizer while I was waiting for them to find me a spot to sleep, so I couldn't get too mad, really.

Oh well, so I went off and spent a scant seven hours or so at the Residence Inn there, then cabbed it back here in time to stash my bags and hop over to the convention center for the opening session today. They didn't have a room ready for me yet at the Courtyard, but the guest service manager, Brandon Avants, was again very apologetic, and promised to upgrade me when a room became available.

Boy did they upgrade me! All the way to the presidential suite, which is gorgeous, and huge, and has a balcony with a view to die for. I think I'm spending the night on the lounge chair out there, I swear. This really was way over the top in terms of making amends, but I have to say that they turned a not-so-great situation into something pretty cool. Thanks, Courtyard by Marriott, for the great digs, the great service, and surprising and delighting this tired journalist after a long day of conventioneering.

Party in my room tomorrow! Seriously, this place is too nice not to share.

P.S. What is it with me and getting walked? This is the second trip in a row this happened (the other being for ECEF in D.C. earlier this summer). And there were chihuahuas both times, now that I think of it (last time behind the desk at my bumped-to hotel, this time under the seat of the guy next to me on the flight).

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