ASAE goes blog wild

ASAE and the Center has been going blog wild lately. First they launched Acronym, a brilliantly named (I think) blog that explores all kinds of association-related topics, though there's not too much on meetings, at least, not yet. And I'm glad to be able to say that they also just started up The Boston Blog to accompany its annual meeting in August in, natch, Boston. I've gone a little giddy over ASAE's previous show blogs, which for the most part I think could serve as examples of how to do these things right—I've seen quite a few show blogs now that are just shameless hucksters for the program, which totally defeats the purpose. For anyone who's considering doing this, I recommend you check out the Xtreme ASAE blog from last year's conference. I hope this year's is as interesting.

On a side note: I'm so excited that ASAE is coming to Boston this year! Not only do we get to show off our new convention center, but, since it's practically in my back yard, I'm going to be able to attend a good chunk of it, schedules willing. If any f2f readers or association blogoclumpers want to get together, drop me a line and let's figure out a time and place.

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