ASAE: Catch the t's

ASAE: Catch the t's

I didn't go schwagging at the ASAE and The Center's expo, but I ran into lots of people laden with bags and bags of stuff. Sure, there were lots of other goodies, but stuffed animals and t-shirts seemed to be the biggest thing this year. Of the ts I saw, the only one I'd actually wear outside of a gym was offered by Columbus, Ohio as part of its campaign, No Yeti here, but Columbus is worth the trip." The idea, the article says, is "to grab potential visitors' and meeting planners' attention with outrageous attractions that can't be found in Columbus -- or any other city in the United States for that matter. Once they're hooked, they'll learn what the city actually does have to offer."


I take it back: ASAE and The Center had wicked cute ones made up for the press. They're bright yellow with lettering across the back that says, "my editor thinks I'm on assignment." Yup, I'll be wearing that one. I'm just now retiring my well-loved but tattered ASAE Earth Wind and Fire t from the year the final evening was an EWF concert at Red Rocks outside of Denver.

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