ASA, Journal of Commerce meeting updates

From the (Lee County) News Press:

    For the American Society of Anesthesiologists, planning to bring 16,000 to the New Orleans convention center in October, Hurricane Katrina’s destruction means a conference planned for 12 years will have to be rearranged in less than two months. Considering that big meetings require airline tickets, hotel rooms and speakers — not just a big room to meet in — some conventions planned for New Orleans this fall and winter may have to be scrapped or broken into smaller pieces, said ASA’s spokeswoman, Gina Steiner.

    “There are only a few places that can handle our size,” said Steiner, speaking from the society’s Chicago headquarters. “We may have to scale things back.”

    Another convention group, the San Diego-based Journal of Commerce, holds an annual cargo-themed convention, every fall in New Orleans. Last year the conference of 1,400 people was delayed because of Hurricane Ivan. This year, it’ll be moved entirely, said conference director Renee Jacobs.

    “Working on the logistics usually takes months,” Jacobs said.

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