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Articles of interest

Anne Taylor-Vaisey sent the table of contents for Academic Medicine's November issue to her CE Current Awareness listserv this morning.

There are several that look pretty interesting for CME providers. Among them are:

A Prospective Before-and-After Trial of an Educational Intervention about Pharmaceutical Marketing, by Sacha Agrawal, MD, Inderpal Saluja, MD, and Janusz Kaczorowski, PhD

Developing Resources to Teach and Assess the Core Competencies: A Collaborative Approach, by Virginia A. Reed, PhD, G. Christian Jernstedt, PhD, Mark Ballow, MD, Robert K. Bush, MD, Anita T. Gewurz, MD, and Stephen J. McGeady, MD

The Value of Systematic Reviews as Research Activities in Medical Education, by Thomas A. Lang, MA

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