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A relatively shocking (I thought) study by Arial Software on how organizations are doing in complying with the CAN-SPAM Act found that if you subscribe to 100 e-mail newsletters:

    -Thirty-six will never send you anything.

    -From the companies that actually send e-mails, you will receive around 77 e-mails per month.

    -Almost no companies will outright spam you (0.4%).

    -Of the e-mails you receive, 33 will have an unsubscribe link, and 31 of those will actually work.

    -Thirty-one will have no unsubscribe link at all, and will keep sending you e-mails ad infinitum. This e-mail volume will amount to around 37 e-mails a month.

    -Two companies will keep sending you e-mails even after you unsubscribe (1.8%)

Out of the 1,057 companies it studied, only 66 did everything right. Check the list on p. 7 to see if your organization is one of them. Or look at the much longer list at the end of those who didn’t make the grade. If yours is on there, time to send an (unsolicited) e-mail of your own to your online marketing folks!

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