Are docs really getting tech-savvy?

Apparently so, according to a recent study by Manhattan Research. "The number of physicians stating that technology is essential to the way they practice medicine has grown from only 114,000 in 2002 to more than 380,000 in 2005," says a press release. Among the findings: "Due to market trends impacting commercial support of traditional offline programs and an increasingly strict regulatory environment, physicians are shifting more of their time to alternative channels for access to high quality continuing medical education. In fact, there is a segment of almost 80,000 physicians who forecast the biggest change for reliance on eCME in the future."

The study, Taking the Pulse® v5.0, will be discussed in a free webinar hosted by Manhattan Research on April 21 (For information on the invitation-only webinar, click here or contact Lem Sanders at (212) 367-8806 or [email protected] The webinar will include complementary highlights of this study, followed by an interactive Q&A session with participants.

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