Apple and airport security

Apple and airport security

According to CNN, Apple would like to merge the iPhone with airport security procedures so you can check through the whole process from your smartphone. And its already on the way with apps like Passbook, which let you, among other things, use your phone to check in for a flight, get into a movie, and redeem a coupon, and will even alert you if your gate changes pre-flight (if your phone is awake, it'll pop up on your screen when you walk into the airport, theater, or wherever the coupon is redeemable). But wave your phone at TSA agents and pass on through?

I like the idea, but then it makes me nervous too, as does using my iPhone as a cash register in a retail store. I  must just be old school, but I probably should get used to the idea. The 2008 patent application was approved this summer, so if the company can find a way around the obvious security issues of having basically your life in your pocket, just waiting to be hacked, iTravel may well become reality.

(Image by Terry Johnston on Flickr)

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