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From a Convention Industry Council press release:

    At its 2004 annual meeting the Convention

    Industry Council (CIC) unanimously approved accepted practices from the

    APEX (Accepted Practices Exchange) initiative‚s Resumes & Work Orders

    Panel, making this the third series of practices to be established by the

    initiative. Accepted practices have also been approved in the areas of

    terminology and history/post-event reporting.

    The Resumes & Work Orders panel was co-chaired by Susan L. Schwartz, CEM,

    president of ConvExx and executive director for the Exhibition Services &

    Contractors Association (ESCA), and Sandy Biback, CMP, CMM, principal/CEO

    for Imagination+Meeting Planners, Inc. The panel was charged with

    developing recommended accepted practices for preparing and sharing

    complete instructions and details for meetings, conventions and other


    ...In addition to defining Event Specifications Guide or ESG (acronym) as the

    industry's official term for the document used by an event organizer to

    convey information clearly and accurately to appropriate venue(s) and/or

    suppliers regarding all requirements for an event, the report also

    outlines a series of accepted practices to include:

    * Each ESG will be a three-part document which will include a

    general overview of the event, a timetable outlining all functions of the

    event, and specifications for each function that is part of the event.

    * The APEX ESG should be the industry's accepted format for the

    conveyance of information regarding the requirements of an event.

Additionally, the final Resumes & Work Orders report includes an ESG

template for industry use. The full report can be found online at

CIC's Web site.

APEX Commission Chair Mickey Schaefer, CAE, vice president of the American

Academy of Family Physicians, expressed gratitude to the many volunteers

involved in this effort and to the industry as a whole for supporting the

initiative and its goals.

Currently CIC is accepting industry comments on the APEX Request for

Proposal (RFP) preliminary report as well as the Meetings & Site Profile

preliminary report. These reports will remain open for industry comment

through the end of October. Visit CIC to

submit comments online.

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