Anyone Want to Wiki?

You may not know a wiki from a walrus, but chances you may have already used one.

According to an article on educause.edu, wikis—open-source sites that allow anyone to add, delete, and edit the content—are often used to post provisional agendas. "the URL is distributed to the participants, who are then free to comment or to add their own items. Once the meeting is under way, the online agenda serves as a note-taking template, and when the meeting is completed, the notes are instantly available online, allowing the participants or anybody else to review and annotate the proceedings."

If you haven’t yet wiki’d, or have and really like it, I have a proposition for you. E-mail me if you’d be interested in participating in a meetings industry wiki that would explore the industry’s hot topics (I know, we’d end up beating attrition to death again, but what the heck—it’s still a major problem for many), or whatever else you decide you want to talk about collaboratively as a community of meeting/hospitality industry professionals. I’ll set it up, then set it free to do whatever you want with it.

So, anyone want to wiki with me?

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