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Another study on CME growth

On the heels of the Accreditation Council for CME's 2005 Data Report comes this study from the Cutting Edge. Among the findings:

-Pharma spending on CME will continue to increase in 2007, or at least hold at steady spending levels, in 2007 for 70 percent of the companies surveyed. However, 29 percent said their CME budgets would decrease next year.

-Pharma is spending more on commercial support for live meetings (78 percent) than for any other types of CME.

It'll be interesting to put this data next to ACCME's and see what shakes out, but it sounds like they came up with similar results. What the press release didn't address is the rate of increase in commercial support, which from ACCME's data has been slowing over the past several years. It did say, however, "Many CME providers feared that funding would drop sharply in the coming years."

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