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Another reason to really dislike airport security


Remember when you could send away for X-ray glasses in the back of comic books? Looks like London's Heathrow Airport bought a whole bunch of them:

    An X-ray machine that sees through air passengers’ clothes has been deployed by security staff at London’s Heathrow airport for the first time.

    The device at Terminal 4 produces a “naked” image of passengers by bouncing X-rays off their skin, enabling staff instantly to spot any hidden weapons or explosives.

    But the graphic nature of the black and white images it generates — including revealing outlines of men and women — has raised concerns about privacy both among travellers and aviation authorities.

    In America, transport officials are refusing to deploy the device until it can be further refined to “mask” passengers’ modesty.

For more on the technology, click here. As for me, I'm going to be calling Superman to see if he can recommend a source for X-ray-vision-proof bodysuits...

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