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Another industry blog!

I am so excited to be able to announce that Tech3Partners, the new technology consultancy group formed earlier this summer by Jeff Rasco, Corbin Ball, and Rodman Marymor, has started a blog.

I knew this new enterprise would do interesting things from when I first blogged about it!

I'm so glad these guys are joining the so-far very small meetings-related blogosphere. One cool thing they've done is to put an RSS news reader on their blog. I've thought about it, but the dearth of RSS feeds on most meeting sites (including MeetingsNet--we're working on it; at least the blogs and our e-newsletter do have them) have made me hesitate so far. The T3P blog's news reader appears to offer mainly general travel/hospitality industry news so far.

I'd like to add this one to my news aggregator but, irony of ironies, I can't find an RSS feed anywhere. Oh well, guess I'll just add it to my list of bookmarked sites and try to remember to check in regularly. I look forward to reading their blog--let 'er rip!

Update: Not everyone is as happy about the new T3P blog as I am. Hey, lighten up Rich--they're just getting started. I'm sure they'll get the hang of what blogging is all about pretty quickly. If not, it'll just languish, and that would be a shame. The collective brainpower of these guys is something I know I'd like to see in action on their blog!

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