Anonymous speakers?

While most meeting planners hire high-profile speakers whose names will be a draw for attendees, might there be some circumstances where an anonymous speaker might be best? That was the case at Toorcon, a conference for hackers and security specialists held recently. From BoingBoing:

    This year at Toorcon we had a talk that was done fully anonymously over Tor. As far as we can tell, it's the first anonymous talk ever given at a conference. Alan Bradley and Kevin Flynn gave the talk on methods for circumvent and conceal software copyright protection which technically violates the DMCA. Hopefully this sort of format will be used in the future to talk about somewhat controversial subjects without having to worry about the speakers being arrested (like Dmitry Sklyarov at Defcon and Steven Rambam at Hope). Alan Bradley ended up posting up his notes on how he got the talk to work, and so I just thought I'd share it in hopes that other conferences will adopt this setup. Link

Would anyone other than hackers want to do this? Unclear, but I thought it was interesting, anyway.

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