And you thought $3 a gallon was bad...

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, there's a guy named Craig Smith who says gas prices could hit $5 a gallon by next year. And, it says,

    if terrorists successfully strike a major Middle East oil field, Americans might end up paying $10 a gallon -- about $110 to fill a Ford Focus' 11-gallon tank.

We're already seeing energy surcharges starting to pop up on everything from taxis to hotels. If the price of gas goes up as high as Smith predicts, the world will change. We Americans are like crack addicts when it comes to energy, and unless we kick our habit (highly unlikely), we could be in for some major shakeups. How many of our airlines could survive? And that's just one obvious fallout.

Hey, how are we doing on those hydrogen cells, anyway? Haven't heard much about that lately.

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