And the beat goes on

Always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to get people from the general session room to the exhibit hall, I think HCEA came up with a really good one. After the final housekeeping messages, a bunch of folks that looked like they were from housekeeping came on stage with trash cans, mops and brooms. But pretty soon, they started banging their mops and cans, and before we knew it we had a “Stomp”-like procession, led by HCEA staffers holding U.S. and State of Texas flags. The rest of us, clacking star-shaped noisemakers that were on the tables, proceeded along behind them. The only downside was that, once we got out of the ballroom and onto the escalators, the noise got a little overwhelming as it echoed around and bounced off the stories-tall windows. Still, it was a pretty cool way to start the day, at least for those who hadn’t been out partying on Austin’s famous 6th St. the night before.

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