Amenities evolutions

Here's a very cute article on the evolution of guest amenities, by John R. Hendrie, CEO of Hospitality Performance. My favorite part:

A simple tub begat a Jacuzzi, leading to the Spa. Ordinary cable television has turned into Movies on Demand. Lone soda machines were replaced by mini-bars. Complimentary coffee in the Lobby morphed into a coffee maker, a fridge and a microwave in every room. Rigid hours for Room Service are now 24/7 with pizza. Maybe you began to participate in the “bedding wars”, extolling your beds, linens, furniture – actually anything that moves is for sale. Goodness, I can have my laundry done, a newspaper delivered, and, in some cases, my shoes shined. If you could only find me a good woman (and some said, “no problem”), I would change my address and become a permanent resident.

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