AMA newspaper switching to fee system?

Say it ain't so! MedGadget reports that the American Medical Association will no longer be letting the public view its online newsletter, AM News, for free; it will only be available free to AMA members (more on the new policy here) . A snip from MedGadget:

To find out why the decision was made, our very own Dr.O, member of the

AMA, contacted Linda Smith, a senior service representative in the

Department of Member Relations of the AMA. During the prolonged

discussion, Mrs. Smith informed Dr.O that AMNews will now be

available for $30 for a 24 hour period. When asked to name an online

publication by the AMA, free for the public, that covers public health

policies issues, she has referred to the main AMA website. When noted

that the main byline of "The Newspaper for America's Physicians" was no

longer applicable (i.e. for members only), she said that the newspaper

will still be available free to non-AMA members, but only six months

after the original publication. Finally, when asked if the PDA edition

through (currently the exact copy of entire online edition)

will still be available free of charge, she had no answer.

This is a terrible idea--much worse than the New York Times deciding to charge for online access to editorials and archives. If you agree, join me in letting them know your objections through their feedback form.

(via MedPundit)

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