Alliance for CME, CMSS, SACME weigh in on ABMS white paper

The American Board of Medical Specialties' white paper on CME for Maintenance of Certification just got a little more feedback from stakeholder communities.

Here are position papers issued recently by the Alliance for CME, the Society for Academic CME, and the Council of Medical Specialty Societies.

From all the reactions I've read and heard so far, a lot of the problems people are having with it is its vagueness -- you can read almost anything into pieces of it, depending on how you're approaching the information. I'm guessing the ABMS is wishing it had been a little clearer on this first shot. Or maybe not. If it just wanted feedback, well, be careful what you wish for! I for one am really glad to be hearing all of this dialog on how CME can be used to support MOC, and where the CME community perhaps needs to do some more work before it can claim to be providing education that will reach the MOC's requirements.

(Thanks to Tom Sullivan for providing all the links to the reactions as they come out. It is making it really hard to write an article on this, though. Talk about a moving target!)

Update: I just found this video by our columnist, Stephen Lewis, of Global Education Group, that outlines what he found to be productive and unproductive about the white paper. I like that he provides some positive feedback along with the negative.

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