Alcohol do's and don'ts

I know none of our fabulous face2face readers miss the three-martini lunch of yesteryear, but this article from hotel-online is interesting nonetheless. And it offers this list of do's and don'ts, which could be a good pass-around to any new staffers you have working a meeting:

Keep it clean and sober during business lunches, workplace experts advise. Confine the business drink to off-site evening functions, and limit yourself to one or none.

--The manner in which you handle your drinking conveys impressions you sometimes can't control. Nothing will sour your reputation faster than when others hear you slurring your words or witness you in a drunken stupor.

--If no one else is drinking, don't drink.

--If you need to drive yourself home, don't drink.

--If clients insist you join them in a lunchtime drink, say, "I'm not drinking today, but you go ahead."

--Self-control and restraint are characteristics of success -- in office politics, business negotiations or personal conduct. Don't put your reputation on the line.

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