Airlines charging for water, soda, coffee, pillows...

It was just two years ago that Northwest started the airline nickle-and-diming by charging for aisle seats and emergency row seating. Interesting, in a time-machine sort of way, is that, at that time, American Eagle had tried and given up on charging for sodas because no one bought them. Now, of course, US Air is charging for water, and JetBlue is charging $7 for a pillow.

What's next? I shudder to think, though the industry listservs this morning were talking about vending machines and all sorts of other ways to make a quick buck on board. Flying just couldn't get much more fun, could it (she says sarcastically)?

Update: Just found this post from someone who not only thinks this is a great trend, but that JetBlue should charge more for its blankets and pillows.

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