Airline spoof still flying high

For some reason, I just flashed on an airline spoof site I wrote about last fall that still gives me the giggles to think about. So, this being Friday and me wanting to goof off a bit and all, I went back to see if it's still there.

Yup, Alaska Air's spoof site, SkyHigh Airlines is still flying, with some new hilarious pokes at airline travels. For example, ever wonder why fares can vary thousands of dollars from seat to seat? "Is it dumb luck? Is it predatory pricing? Is it some kind of pin-the-fare-on-the-passenger game? Hardly," says the site. "We can assure you our pricing structure represents the latest in bioengineering. A cutting-edge melding of silicon and white meat that assures scientifically random fares that are free from human influence and troublesome logic." That's right, it's the Poulet-ulator 1000, aka a live chicken cam so you can watch as KFC's finest randomly pecks out a fare.

Got an hour or so to waste? This is definitely the spot to hit. Happy Friday!

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