AIG meetings: here we go again

I for one am getting really tired of hearing about how AIG, after getting a hefty bailout (again), is sending its top execs off to a "junket". And yet, here we are.

For a different point of view than what we've already heard, check out this post from Tim Reason on CFO.com. I especially thought this part was relevant:

    Now clearly, every company should be watching appearances and avoiding executive junkets, and no doubt some of those conferences deserved to be canceled. But let's remember, too, that the business of America is business...

    It's one thing to be a careful steward of taxpayer money. But if Congress makes legitimate business marketing the target of this sort of asinine, knee-jerk populism, it's not going to save taxpayers money, it is going to put AIG out of business. And, if it isn't careful, airlines, hotels, taxi companies, restaurants, meeting planners, caterers, and plenty of other businesses will go under too.

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