On the agenda: Postpartum depression counseling and screening

New legislation in New Jersey now requires physicians and other healthcare workers to inform pregnant women about postpartum depression, and to screen new mothers for the condition, according to this article in PsychiatryOnline. Of course, along with new laws comes new CME. From the article:

    Nancy Block, M.D., past president of the NJPA, served on the Professional Education Subcommittee as representative to the Medical Society of New Jersey. Block said that the subcommittee consisted of a range of health care professionals who developed a "Webinar" or a Web-based video to teach physicians, including psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and other health care professionals such as lactation consultants and Lamaze instructors not just about postpartum depression, but also peripartum mood disorders. Continuing medical education credit is available to those who take the 70-minute course online.

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