Advice for the risk-adverse

Is your organization stuck in a rut, holding the same conference year after year, on the same topics, delivered via talking heads and PowerPoint, in a location chosen because your leaders like to golf there? As Jeff Jarvis says, it's time to shake up the conference model. But how do you get past the "We always do it this way?" barrier?

Check out Death by Risk Aversion at Creating Passionate users. A few of her takeaways:

    Regularly review your sacred cows

    Regularly review the assumptions behind all your decisions

    Practice LETTING GO

    Push the boundaries strategically, one-by-one

    If all else fails and the culture of risk-aversion is stealing your soul, consider going into "short-timer" mode

As author Kathy Sierra says, "If you have a great idea, what do you risk by not persuing it? Will you have more regrets if you try and fail than if you don't try at all? Some of the best and biggest ideas happen within the scope of large companies, but some of the most world-changing happen... elsewhere."

Go ahead and Death by Risk Aversionread it now.

When you think about it, there really isn't a whole lot to lose, and there is so much to gain.

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