ADME update

From the CIC disaster site:

    Association of Destination Management Executives (ADME)

    * Destination Management Company executives are finding temporary employment with other ADME members.

    * ADME members are cooperating with DMC’s impacted by Katrina and offering to provide service at cost for meetings/events that are relocated to their city – profit will be sent to the originating DMC to help them to rebuild/stay afloat through this.

    * Some ADME members are volunteering a spare room in their house for a single parent and child (so the child can be enrolled in school as soon as possible).

    * These above efforts will be coordinated through the ADME office at [email protected]

    * As the need becomes clearer, ADME members stand ready to contribute what is needed – money, supplies, etc.

I couldn't find anything about this on the ADME site—hopefully they'll update it soon.

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