Addressing Latino behavior health issues

According to recently released reports from the National Hispanic Congress (2000), President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (2002) and Surgeon General (1999), Latinos are one of the most under-served populations in terms of behavioral health services.

Now the Latino Behavioral Health Institute is looking to pick up the slack with its >11th annual international conference. According to a press release: "the event will address contemporary issues of policy, training, research, clinical practice and education related to Latino mental health, substance abuse, health and human services. Approximately 1,000 behavioral health professionals from the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South American countries are expected to attend."

This makes me wonder what's going on with the New Jersey law mandating cultural competency CME. Last time I check in about it, it was still undefined and unfunded. I wonder if going to something like this would count?

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