ACEP returning to New Orleans in '06

From a press release:

    The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) today announced its premier annual meeting -- Scientific Assembly -- will be held in New Orleans next year. Saying that emergency physicians were among the first to respond to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Dr. Rick Blum, president of ACEP, said it was important for them to be among the first to return.

    Scientific Assembly 2006 will be held October 15-18, in the Central Business District and the French Quarter. During the event, more than 3,500 emergency physicians from across America and 30 countries around the world learn the latest advancements in lifesaving emergency care, debate clinical controversies and discuss the challenges facing their ability to provide care, such as overcrowding, staffing shortages, and the medical liability insurance crisis.

    “Scientific Assembly will provide jobs for the residents of New Orleans to help them rebuild their lives,” said Dr. Blum. “It also will provide needed tax revenue to help the city reestablish critical community services, where ACEP members, such Dr. Jim Aiken and Dr. Peter DeBlieux of Charity Hospital, courageously represented emergency medicine to the nation.”

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