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ACCME's latest data report is out

Why is it that ACCME always manages to release something juicy either right before or right after Medical Meetings goes off to the printer? Just minutes after all the files were finalized, the June/July edition of The ACCME Report hit my in-box, and it's crammed full of goodies.

Amongst said goodies is a pdf download link to the Annual Report Data 2009, which gives us a peek into what's going with with ACCME-accredited providers, plus state- and medical society-accredited providers. I haven't had a chance to crunch the numbers yet, but others are already on top of it (query: Does anyone else wonder if Thomas Sullivan ever sleeps?).

Just a quick glance at the 2009-2008 numbers tells a story, though:

Total CME income: down almost 8 percent

Commercial support: down almost 18 percent

Number of accredited providers: down by 18

Number of activities: down almost 6 percent

Hours of instruction: down 10 percent

(Here's a link to our writeup of last year's report, which wasn't terribly rosy, either.)

What, me worry?

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