ACCME's 2010 Data Report has arrived

And, as always seems to be the case these days, Tom Sullivan beat me to it when it comes to crunching the numbers of the ACCME's 2010 Data Report, which was released yesterday afternoon. Here's his analysis —thanks Tom!

It was interesting to read on the CME LinkedIn group one person's criticism that the report's emphasis on incomes should be shifted to an annual CME report "that describes how the CME community impacted the healthcare system. Focus on how 'accredited' CME was integrated into the healthcare quality efforts. Provide examples of CME offices that evolved and help us understand best practices in this evolution. AND, collect and report data on education and life-long learning as a fundamental element of the healthcare improvement system."

While I think the income piece is important to track year over year, I agree that an annual report of the nature he describes would be fantastic. I'm just not sure ACCME is the right stakeholder to take that on. I'm not sure who has the resources and capability to do it, but wouldn't that be an excellent tool to use to help our legislators, regulators, press, and everyone else involved understand what CME is and how it is central to maintaining the health of the U.S. healthcare system? Anyone willing to take it on?

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