ACCME Web site updates

From the Accreditation Council for CME:

    Updated Procedures for Handling Complaints/Inquires:

    The ACCME has approved an updated Procedure for Handling Complaints and Inquiries Regarding Accredited Providers (pdf) . (This document may also be viewed by visiting the "Accreditation Process" page on and using the links found in the "Measuring Continuous Compliance through ACCME Monitoring" section.)

    Update to Element 3.2: Business and Management Practices

    Recent California legislation addresses cultural and linguistic competencies in the educational content of CME (California Assembly Bill 1195). The ACCME expects that accredited providers located in California will be in compliance with all applicable California state laws regarding continuing medical education, including this new legislation. ACCME‘s Element 3.2 has been updated to incorporate this expectation. Click here for more information.

    New Frequently Asked Questions

    ACCME has added several new FAQ‘s and answers to the “Ask ACCME” section of its website. Subjects of new FAQ‘s are:

    Planning and implementing “teaching in CME” activities

    Requirements for disclosure of relevant financial relationships to the provider (SCS2.1)

    Situations in which individuals refuse to disclose (SCS2.2)

    Providers‘ responsibility for a mechanism to resolve Conflicts of Interest (SCS2.3)

    Uniquely acknowledging different levels of commercial support (SCS3.1)

    Electronic signatures in written commercial support agreements, and electronic commercial support application systems (SCS 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6)

    Combining requests for commercial support with promises for exhibit/advertising opportunities (SCS 4.1)

    Click here for more information.

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