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ACCME posts releases on Senate Finance Committee, NAMSS

From the Accreditation Council for CME:

    The ACCME has updated its website with two News Releases. One release announces a new collaborative relationship with the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) to support NAMSS members and ACCME accredited providers especially as it relates to the integration and fulfillment of ACCME‘s Updated Accreditation Criteria. For more information on this collaborative effort, please visit and view the news release “ACCME to Collaborate with NAMSS” or click here.

    The other release informs the CME community that the ACCME has been asked to provide the U.S. Senate Finance Committee with information regarding continuing medical education. For more information on the Senate Finance Committee‘s request, please visit and view the news release “ACCME to Provide U.S. Senate Finance Committee with Information Regarding CME” or click here.

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