ACCME Online: What's next, Twitter?

If you haven't been lurking over at the Accreditation Council for CME's Web site lately, I highly recommend you give it a look. The most recent ACCME e-newsletter said the purpose was to make it more user-friendly by improving the navigation, organization, content, and design. Check, check, check, and check. As someone who's gone through a number of Web site redesigns, I appreciate what it must have taken. In this case, it was worth all the work.

Now that ACCME has tamed the wild frontier of information available on its own Web site, what's next? Someone recently reminded me of an editorial I wrote a few years back about how interesting it would be if the ACCME started blogging.

Now we have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest—what if someone from ACCME, say its chief executive, Murray Kopelow, MD, actually did start interacting via social media?

It could be done, but while we all want ACCME's doings to be transparent to us, would it be great or a little unnerving to be tweeting along in a Twitter #CMEChat and all of a sudden have Dr. Kopelow chime in? Would that make CME providers even more hesitant to participate in social media, or would they view it as another opportunity to get their questions answered?

I got curious and created this quick three-question poll. Please click through and share your thoughts on the ACCME and social media. I'll let you know the results as soon as I have them. Thanks!

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