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ACCME announcements

From the Accreditation Council for CME:

    Recent news release items have been added to the ACCME website, containing information about changes to accreditation policies and publishing additional data about accreditation compliance findings.

    For complete information, please visit the ACCME home page and read the materials posted under "News Releases" in the center right.

    New Board Actions that Impact Providers and Accreditors

    The ACCME has taken several actions which impact accredited providers and recognized state medical societies:

    1. Under certain conditions, the ACCME will now allow the use of the ACCME logo by ACCME accredited providers, ACCME recognized state medical societies and intrastate accredited providers. This represents a change from previous ACCME policy. For additional information, click here.

    2. ACCME has changed its definition of commercial interest to include the phrase, “consumed by, or used on, patients”. The ACCME now defines a “Commercial Interest" as any proprietary entity producing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients. This change is important for all accredited providers, as well as organizations that are contemplating applying for accreditation. For more information on this change, see Policies relevant to SCS1: (Ensuring Independence in Planning CME Activities)

    3. ACCME has articulated how it will address situations in which a corporate change, such as a merger or acquisition, impacts the corporate structure of an ACCME accredited provider. For more information, see Accreditation Process/Ongoing Responsibilities/Informing ACCME of Personnel or Organizational Changes .

    4. ACCME has adopted a process for monitoring issues of non-compliance with the Standards for Commercial Support or ACCME content validation policies in jointly-sponsored activities. To learn more about the monitoring process, see Measuring Continuous Compliance through ACCME Monitoring

    5. ACCME no longer requires ACCME accredited providers to participate in an on-site interview every ten years. For more information about on-site interviews see ACCME‘s Guide to An Accreditation Interview .

    Provider Accreditation Decision Data Released

    ACCME has released additional aggregate information concerning providers' accreditation status and compliance findings.

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