ACCME actions examined in NYT article

Check out this article from the New York Times: Steps to Greater Accountability in Medical Education. From the article:

"Dr. Murray Kopelow, chief executive of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, said he would make public “within weeks” a previously confidential listing of classes and companies that violated rules against commercial bias.

And at the urging of a prominent critic who successfully filed a complaint alleging bias in a specific course, Dr. Kopelow said his group was reviewing a proposal that would require educators to notify doctors and furnish corrective materials whenever it is later found that the class material was biased in favor of a drug firm."

Some medical bloggers have chimed in with their responses, including New York Times Covers Industry Funding of CME from The Carlat Psychiatry Blog. Health Care Renewal provided grist for the NYT mill with this post: Nemeroff, Seroquel, and ACCME.

Something tells me this is not the end of this story...stay tuned. Dr. Kopelow won't be available for an interview for a week or so, but I hope to catch up with him soon to learn more about releasing the names of violators.

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