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Academic Medicine July edition now online

This post courtesy of Anne Taylor-Vaisey: Academic Medicine July 2005; 80(7)


From the Editor


Redesigning Clinical Education: A Major Challenge for Academic Health Centers

Michael E. Whitcomb

Acad Med 2005;80 615-616


Featured Topic Research Reports


Negotiating End-of-Life Decision Making: A Comparison of Japanese and U.S. Residents' Approaches

Baback B. Gabbay, Shinji Matsumura, Shiri Etzioni, Steven M. Asch, Kenneth E. Rosenfeld, Toshiaki Shiojiri, Peter P. Balingit, and Karl A. Lorenz

Acad Med 2005;80 617-621

Residents' End-of-Life Decision Making with Adult Hospitalized Patients: A Review of the Literature

Todd E. Gorman, Stephane P. Ahern, Jeffrey Wiseman, and Yoanna Skrobik

Acad Med 2005;80 622-633

"This is just too awful; I just can't believe I experienced that...": Medical Students' Reactions to Their "Most Memorable" Patient Death

Jennifer Rhodes-Kropf, Sharon S. Carmody, Deborah Seltzer, Ellen Redinbaugh, Nina Gadmer, Susan D. Block, and Robert M. Arnold

Acad Med 2005;80 634-640

Neda Ratan! awongsa, Arianne Teherani, and Karen E. Hauer

Acad Med 2005;80 641-647

"It was haunting...": Physicians' Descriptions of Emotionally Powerful Patient Deaths

Vicki A. Jackson, Amy M. Sullivan, Nina M. Gadmer, Deborah Seltzer, Ann M. Mitchell, Mathew D. Lakoma, Robert M. Arnold, and Susan D. Block

Acad Med 2005;80 648-656

Teaching and Learning End-of-Life Care: Evaluation of a Faculty Development Program in Palliative Care

Amy M. Sullivan, Matthew D. Lakoma, J. Andrew Billings, Antoinette S. Peters, Susan D. Block the PCEP Core Faculty

Acad Med 2005;80 657-668

The Palliative Care Clinical Evaluation Exercise (CEX): An Experience-Based Intervention for Teaching End-of-Life Communication Skills

Paul K. J. Han, Lisa B. Keranen, Dianne A. Lescisin, and Robert M. Arnold

Acad Med 2005;80 669-676




How Can Physicians' Learning Styles Drive Educational Planning?

Elizabeth Armstrong and Ramin Parsa-Parsi

Acad Med 2005;80 680-684

Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine: Should We Be Teaching Information Management Instead?

David C. Slawson and Allen F. Shaughnessy

Acad Med 2005;80 685-689

Responsibly Managing the Medical School-Teaching Hospital Power Relationship

Frank A. Chervenak and Laurence B. McCullough

Acad Med 2005;80 690-693

Self-Reflection in Multicultural Training: Be Careful What You Ask For

Jann L. Murray-Garcia, Steven Harrell, Jorge A. Garcia, Elio Gizzi, and Pamela Simms-Mackey

Acad Med 2005;80 694-701

The Irony of Osteopathic Medicine and Primary Care

Mark Cummings and Kathleen J. Dobbs

Acad Med 2005;80 702-705

Considering the Culture of Disability in Cultural Competence Education

Gary E. Eddey and Kenneth L. Robey

Acad Med 2005;80 706-712


Medicine and the Arts



Jose Saramago

Acad Med 2005;80 678


Tony Miksanek

Acad Med 2005;80 679


Cover Note


Indiana University School of Medicine

Pamela Su Perry

Acad Med 2005;80 677


Teaching and Learning Moments


Resident Teaching: A Tale of Two Places in Time

Lynn D. Wilson

Acad Med 2005;80 705

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