Academic Medicine Feb. issue is online

Recommended reading from Anne Taylor-Vaisey: Academic Medicine is offering some articles in the February issue for free for one month. If you don't have a subscription, download them while you can!

Editorial: Ambulatory-Based Clinical Education: Flexner Revisited, Michael E. Whitcomb

Research Report: Policies of Academic Medical Centers for Disclosing Financial Conflicts of Interest to Potential Research Participants, Kevin P. Weinfurt, Michaela A. Dinan, Jennifer S. Allsbrook, Joëlle Y. Friedman, Mark A. Hall, Kevin A. Schulman, and Jeremy Sugarman

Article: Guidelines for Interactions between Clinical Faculty and the Pharmaceutical Industry: One Medical School's Approach, David L. Coleman, Alan E. Kazdin, Lee Ann Miller, Jon S. Morrow, and Robert Udelsman

Article: Creating an Infrastructure for Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research: The University of Pittsburgh's Experience, Barbara E. Barnes, Charles P. Friedman, Jerome L. Rosenberg, Joanne Russell, Ari Beedle, and Arthur S. Levine

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