60 percent of docs in Jamaica are practicing illegally

According to the Jamaica Observer, 60 percent of Jamaica's doctors didn't renew their licenses. The reason? They didn't complete their CME requirements. From the article:

    The registration deadline for this year passed on January 31, but a majority 1,577 of the island's doctors have ignored publicly placed advertisements urging them to update their licences.

    The sticking point appears to be a failure by some doctors to complete the mandatory hours of continuing education stipulated in law to keep doctors on top of their game.

    "There are 2,673 on the medical register but only 1,096 have paid up over the first four months of the year," said MCJ registrar Dr John McHardy.

    "However, no one has been struck off for non-payment." McHardy was at first unwilling to speak to the legal implications, but he confirmed that if a complaint were to be filed against an unlicensed doctor, the medical council would be forced to prosecute.

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