2 tips for increasing attendance through social responsibility

Here are a couple of interesting tips on how you can increase attendance to a meeting using social responsibility, from Gary Hirshberg, cofounder of Stonyfield Farm, to attendees at ASAE and The Center's Springtime Expo: Service days and offering carbon emission offsets (link goes to much more of what he said, via the Acronym blog). Service days are becoming more common all the time, and at least at meetings I've been to, they've been maxed out, so the idea is definitely catching on among people. I think the jury's still out on carbon emission offsets, particularly since that particular business has had some scamming going on. Here's a list of carbon offset providers and those who certify them, and here are some tips on finding the right carbon offset provider for your organization.

Here's more on green meetings, in time for Earth Day.

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