15 things to do during a nine-hour layover at LAX

1. Compulsively check e-mail. All three accounts. Check again.

2. Pace through four terminals before finally realizing that no one sells books here until after you go through security. Unfortunately, there are no books for sale after going through security at the terminal I'm in. Realize it's going to be an even longer flight to Sydney than I anticipated.

3. Get back to my terminal only to find a Waldenbooks after all. Buy every book they have out of sheer relief (not quite, but almost).

4. Ride the airport hotel shuttles and check out the various properties. Marvel at how many meetings they have scheduled this weekend.

5. Admire lack of colorful foliage on palm trees around airport hotels.

6. Do laps around LAX--cool that you can walk almost all the around.

7. Look at ice cream shop in terminal. Exercise great restraint that is largely due to said ice cream not being the irresistable Ben and Jerry's.

9. Skype significant other from the World Perks lounge as others listen in (can't figure out how to make headphones work with new netbook). Apologies, fellow loungers!

10. Buy a gallon of water. Drink. Repeat.

11. Do the inevitable after drinking gallons of water. Repeat.

12. Strike up conversations with perfect strangers. Find them fascinating. Realize that it's midnight at home and tiredness may have something to do with their fascinating-ness.

13. Think about trying to get some work done. Nah.

14. Check out the latest Twitterings, blog posts, Facebooks, and all the rest of that soc med jazz (that can suck up a good chunk of time).

15. Write blog post about things to do during a nine-hour layover in LAX.

What do you do during long layovers? I already burned out on knitting and video-watching during my last flight and am trying to save my books for the flight.

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