The 13 best travel sites

According to Forbes.com, they are (drumroll, please):

BreezeNet.com, for rental car info

Concierge.com, for info from Conde Nast Traveler

FlyerTalk.com, for everything airline-related

GridSkipper.com, for the inside dirt on cities

HotelChatter.com, for the inside dirt on hotels

igougo.com, for trip inspiration and what to do in various places

Kayak.com, for online booking of hotel, airfare, etc.

, a compendium of ways to search travel blogs
Priceline.com, for online booking, especially for hotels

SeatGuru.com, for the lowdown on airline seating on all types of planes

Site59.com, for last-minute bookings

TravelZoo.com, with great deals for flexible travelers

VijayDandapani.com, an inside the hospitality industry blog by an industry insider

I'm glad a lot of my favorites made the Forbes list! I'll have to check out that last oneā€”that's a new one to me.

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