Lindsey Rosenthal

Chief Strategist, Events For Good

Lindsey Rosenthal is the founder and principal of Events For Good, helping nonprofits more effectively raise money through events. She has been partnering with nationally recognized organizations to produce successful, profitable events since 2009, when she channeled her knack for creating unique and memorable event experiences and her prowess for effective and profitable fundraising campaigns to establish the social enterprise. She holds a Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) from The George Washington University in event management and philanthropy, a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in hospitality, and is an adjunct professor teaching event management to undergraduate students.

Lindsey has been recognized as an authority in the event and nonprofit sectors, as one in the inaugural class of “40 Under 40” event professionals in two meetings industry publications, and has been featured in several other industry publications, both in print and online. In 2013, she founded Event Alley, the first online talk show for the event industry, and is currently the executive producer and host of the weekly show. Lindsey speaks around the world about event sponsorship, corporate social responsibility, cultural sensitivity, best practices in event management, and more. You can reach her on Twitter at @eventsforgood.

Lindsey’s Recent activity