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Ira Kerns

Managing Director, MeetingMetrics


Ira Kerns formed MeetingMetrics in 2005 as an evolution from its parent, GuideStar Research, which he founded in 1987 in New York City. GuideStar is a Web-centric survey research firm specializing in the improvement of its clients’ relationships with their employees, customers, wholesale distribution networks, and channel partners. Internal communications audits to determine which communications (including meetings and events) are working well and which are not is a core GuideStar capability. Ira has a long history as a trusted adviser to his clients’ senior leaders.

In the meetings industry, Ira is a pioneer in optimizing and measuring the results of large group meetings and events using pre- and post-event surveys and measures known as ROE (Return on Event), which he developed in the early 1980s. The ROE process is the methodological foundation of MeetingMetrics’ specialized online meeting survey services for both corporate meetings and association conferences. Ira was a founding member of Meeting Professionals International, and a director and past President of the Chicago AudioVisual Producers Association.


Ira’s Recent activity