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Hottest Hotel Openings of 2015

There’s a lot to be said for booking a brand-new hotel—the cachet of being among the first groups at an impressive new property, the allure of the latest technologies, the pleasure of walking into a fresh space, and even the possibility of improving your negotiation leverage by being one of the first groups on the books. Whatever the reason, planners in search of new meeting and incentive sites have plenty to look forward to this year. From a 1,000-room convention giant in Texas to deluxe, historic lodgings in D.C. to a multi-hotel mega resort in The Bahamas, 2015 will see a packed portfolio of exciting new properties.

With U.S. hotel development now making some headway after years of recession-related delays, we chose our gallery of 10 favorites (6,282 guest rooms in all!) from the biggest openings stateside, all but one built from the ground up. Though, we couldn’t resist including a couple of standout properties outside the U.S. 

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